Multi-Year Funding Initiatives

GR Ballet

In an environment of dwindling public support and the proliferation of non profit enterprise, organizations are facing unprecedented funding challenges.   Increasingly, non profits are putting more time and effort into fund raising than into mission directed activities.  Each year brings the uncertainty of reaching funding targets and the real prospect of eliminating necessary services and programs.   One strategy to lessen the uncertainty and improve the potential for success is a multi-year funding initiative.

Through careful planning, the leadership of a non profit organization can construct a comprehensive approach to answering the financial requirements for a specified period of time.   All too often, non profits take a fragmented approach to funding, looking separately at the functions of annual fund raising, endowment growth, capital campaigning, and earned income.   Subsequently, this can lead to a fragmented approach with donor prospects and lower potential outcomes.   Incorporating all funding sources into a multi-year plan allows the donor community a better view of the challenges faced by leadership and the role their commitments will play over time in meeting the financial requirements of the organization.   Likewise, this approach positions the non profit to seek multi-year and multi-functional (annual, capital, endowment) commitments within a single “ask” and better prepares the organization for any necessary budget adjustments in future years.