Development Planning


Monaghan Associates, Inc. provides development planning services to nonprofit organizations, institutions, and foundations, which are struggling with the challenges of declining amounts of “traditional” funding…increasing competition for support…and growing donor sophistication.

GENERAL COUNSEL is available to the executive leadership and governing boards in the following areas:

  • Positioning the responsibility for the development program within the appropriate board structure.
  • Determining development program priorities that are consistent with current and long-range program needs (Annual, Capital and Endowment).
  • Evaluate the current and historical development strategies and fund raising efforts.
  • Expanding current fund raising plans to include a focus on major gifts and appropriate estate planning strategies.
  • Establishing realistic fund raising goals and timetables that are consistent with budget and staff limitations.
  • Assigning specific roles in the development process for the board, executive director, support staff, and volunteer.
  • Coordinating the development plan with other board committees (Long Range Planning, Public Relations, etc.).
  • Developing the CASE for expanded private support.
  • Completing an assessment of the potential level of private sector support (individuals, corporations, and foundations).
  • Reviewing current communications strategies and records management support systems.
  • Assisting in training the staff, board, and volunteers.
  • Accompanying volunteers (if necessary) in the implementation of solicitation strategies.
  • Constructing an evaluation process for staff and board planning requirements.