Feasibility Study

Monaghan Associates, Inc. offers development counsel in the conduct of pre-campaign feasibility studies. Through a series of confidential interviews with 40-55 selected representatives from key internal and external constituencies an objective assessment is made of the potential to raise private support for the project tested through an intensive solicitation effort. From the interview process and subject to the expressed confidentiality, Monaghan Associates, Inc. will prepare and report which will provide the following information:

  • Analysis of the Case for Support as perceived by the donor community.
  • Identification of possible volunteer leadership structures.
  • Analysis of required gift pattern to meet financial objective.
  • Assessment of community leadership attitude of the role of the nonprofit organization and its programming impact on the citizens in the community.
  • Review of necessary pre-solicitation “education” and cultivation strategies.
  • Estimate of available volunteerism to complement current resources and energies for the effort.
  • Determination of best “timing” and solicitation strategies for a private sector initiative based on other current or proposed community campaigns.
  • Identification and review of internal support systems and records management capabilities necessary for intensive campaign solicitation and follow-up.
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations.

Normally, this service can be conducted over a period of ninety (90) days, concluding with a formal presentation of the findings to the non-profit organization executive and/or Board leadership on a mutually determined date and prior to the announcement of any campaign.